Two groups of teachers from opposite sides of the globe sat in one room conversing – Nepalis on one side, Americans on the other. While a world of differences existed between the two groups, it was fascinating to hear how similar some of their daily classroom challenges were.

In my experience teaching in the US, one of the biggest concerns teachers have is the pressure that standardized testing places on their classrooms. Teachers often feel forced to “teach to the test” instead of giving students opportunities for creative expression. Listening in on this conversation between TIEs’ American participants and Nepali teachers from our partner school, it was clear to me that the Nepali teachers had similar feelings that their educational system was forcing students to fit a particular mold.

This discussion between the two groups led to a share-session about balancing creative expression and standardized skills in the classroom. Each group offered their own unique insight regarding this issue.

The two groups may have come from opposite corners of the world, but in that room they came together to try to solve an educational challenge.

I recommend that anyone reading this connect with professionals from your field in different countries – it may be refreshing to see a different take on the same challenges you face. And I invite everyone to follow our story of American and Nepali teaching coming together to co-plan, co-teach, learn, and grow together! Keep up with TIEs with Teachers’ 2016 summer program by subscribing to our blog and following us on social media.


Written by Timothy Kobus – Founder/Director, TIEs with Teachers


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