Nepal lost a lot in last year’s earthquakes: lives, homes, historical sites. But when I visited Bhassara School in Nepal shortly after the disasters, it was clear that the earthquakes couldn’t take this school’s spirit.

Bhassara School is such a beacon of positivity – kindhearted staff, exciting extracurricular activities, and some of the most engaged students I’ve ever been around in my career as a teacher. Now, returning to the school more than one year after the earthquakes for the launch of the TIEs with Teachers program, I can see that Bhassara’s light is still shining just as bright!

One of the goals of the TIEs program is to celebrate and share the strengths of this school. Through this program, three American teachers are coming to Bhassara this summer to learn about the Nepali culture and teaching style. At the same time, the American teachers will share their own teaching methods with the Nepali staff. The two groups will observe each other teach, co-plan and co-lead lessons, and create professional development workshops together.

In the wake of last year’s disasters, I believe it will be an empowering experience for the Nepali teachers to have foreigners come to Nepal to learn from the local expertise, rather than solely to provide aid. But at the same time, I believe that the TIEs program can contribute to Nepal’s rebuilding process by introducing new methods of education.

I invite you to follow the story of TIEs’ summer program in Nepal starting June 24th by subscribing to our blog and following us on social media. Learn alongside us about all amazing things this Nepali school has to offer!


Written by Tim Kobus, Founder/Director – TIEs with Teachers


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