Food is one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of a particular culture.  While eating local food will certainly give you a “taste” of the local lifestyle, step over to the other side of the kitchen counter if you really want some cultural perspective!

While visiting a Buddhist meditation center on a beautiful Nepali hillside for lunch, Sammy and I were invited to join the Buddhist nuns in preparing one of the day’s dishes: momos!  Originating in Tibet, these delicious dumplings consist of a flour shell stuffed with buffalo, chicken, vegetables, or egg.  Making momos felt like joining an assembly line: one person to flatten the flour shells, one to stuff and wrap them, and another working the oven.  The kitchen was buzzing with activity as everyone did their job, creating a lively atmosphere filled with smiles and laughing.

In return, Sammy and I wanted to teach our Nepali host family how to a cook a dish they had never tried before: guacamole!  We found all the ingredients at a local market and spent an evening with the kids splitting avocados, chopping tomatoes, and crying over diced onions.  The end result was a delicious Nepali/Mexican crossover dinner (momos included) that the whole family enjoyed together.

dinner1    momos and guacamole






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