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People often think of travel as a process of self-growth. But teachers in today’s culturally diverse U.S. schools should also consider how much their time spent abroad can benefit their students back in the U.S.! TIEs with Teachers’ summer program sends U.S. teachers abroad to visit foreign schools (check out our pilot program in Nepal), and here’s why:
Learn new approaches to your daily classroom challenges – Teachers around the world face similar challenges, Continue Reading

When teachers go abroad to work or volunteer in a foreign school, they should expect to learn as much as they teach. That’s why the “T” in TIEs stands for “Two-way”! Here are three teaching strategies we think U.S. educators can learn at the site of our current exchange project in Nepal:
1. Meditation
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The kids were just sitting there….listening to the teacher. 5-year-olds, sitting in a circle without fidgeting, playing with their neighbors, or talking over the teacher. I had never seen a more focused, attentive group of kindergartners in my life than when I observed this Nepali classroom.
When I taught kindergarten in the U.S., my co-teachers and I had a bag of tricks we would constantly have to pull from to get the kids to focus. Continue Reading

As today is International Volunteer Day, TIEs would like to make a recommendation to anyone considering volunteer teaching abroad:
Co-teach with the local teachers, rather than teach your own classes.
Co-teaching is a beautiful thing. By definition, it means collaboration and teamwork. But in my experience, co-teaching is under-utilized in teach abroad programs in developing countries. Continue Reading

Today is Giving Tuesday — the national day of giving founded in 2012 as a response to the consumerism of other post-Thanskgiving holidays. In honor of this day, TIEs would like to shine a spotlight on three organizations that we believe are doing great work. Consider celebrating “Giving Tuesday” by giving to one of them!
Next Generation Nepal
Donations Page:
Next Generation Nepal is an organization that works to unite trafficked children in Nepal with their families. Continue Reading

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