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Elise, an English language teacher from the US, was a little hesitant when asked to co-teach 8th grade chemistry in Nepal. To put it lightly, she doesn’t know anything about chemistry. But she does know how to get students talking and working together. And fortunately for Elise, her Nepali partner teacher in the TIEs summer program is Roushan, Continue Reading

Two groups of teachers from opposite sides of the globe sat in one room conversing – Nepalis on one side, Americans on the other. While a world of differences existed between the two groups, it was fascinating to hear how similar some of their daily classroom challenges were.
In my experience teaching in the US, one of the biggest concerns teachers have is the pressure that standardized testing places on their classrooms. Continue Reading

Nepal lost a lot in last year’s earthquakes: lives, homes, historical sites. But when I visited Bhassara School in Nepal shortly after the disasters, it was clear that the earthquakes couldn’t take this school’s spirit.
Bhassara School is such a beacon of positivity – kindhearted staff, exciting extracurricular activities, and some of the most engaged students I’ve ever been around in my career as a teacher. Continue Reading

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
For a few years now, ever since I used to volunteer teach abroad, I’ve had this dream for a more sustainable, socially-responsible teach abroad program: one that emphasizes teacher collaboration, Continue Reading

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