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Meet Amy Okimoto, a 3rd grade teacher from the USA! This summer, she’s partnering with Nepali teachers and administrators to exchange ideas about education.
How long have you been teaching?
I’ve been teaching for 21 years, including grades K-8, and gifted & talented. I currently teach 3rd grade in Aurora, Colorado.
Why do you teach? Continue Reading

Meet Anil, one of the teachers participating in TIEs’ 2017 summer program from Lalitpur, Nepal. Let’s learn a little about him.
How long have you been teaching?
I’ve been teaching for 6 years, Science and Mathematics in grades 6-10.
Why do you teach?
To share knowledge, and help students develop positive attitudes towards society. Continue Reading

For the next 3 weeks, American and Nepali teachers will be connecting and collaborating through the TIEs Summer Program in Patan, Nepal. TIEs stands for “Two-way Intercultural Exchanges.”
Our goal is to develop better teachers by learning from those who are different from us.
Each party, the Americans and Nepalis, will be sharing their unique strengths as educators though co-teaching, Continue Reading

Teachers in the US generally don’t step outside our classrooms, even though it would be nice to take an occasional bathroom break, grab some materials, or have a quick one-to-one with a student in the hall. Without the watchful eye of the teacher, we fear that our classrooms would devolve into chaos. But at Bhassara School in Nepal, Continue Reading

“Thank you miss for teaching us!”
Students at Bhassara School in Laltipur, Nepal, stand and say this in unison at the end of every class period. According to Amy, an American teacher visiting Bhassara though the TIEs program, the students’ joy of learning here is “undeniable.” She sees it in the way the students greet the teachers with hugs and enthusiasm, Continue Reading

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