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TIEs with Teachers is looking for American educators to join us in Nepal this summer for a 4-week exchange of teaching methods and cultural insight.

In summer 2018, TIEs (Two-way Intercultural Exchanges) is running our third annual summer program. For 4 weeks, American and Nepali teachers will be connecting and collaborating in Patan, Nepal.

Each party, the Americans and Nepalis, will be sharing their unique strengths as educators though co-teaching, co-planning, and presenting professional development workshops. Participants will also collaborate on curriculum planning and assessment methods, and work with administration on new initiatives.

TIE's participants Roshan and Elise co-teaching science class.

Roshan and Elise co-teaching science.

Through our program, American and Nepali teachers of similar grades/subjects will collaborate on the following:

  • Co-teaching pairs will collaborate to set personal and professional goals for the upcoming program
  • American and Nepali co-teaching pairs will meet regularly to co-plan lessons and share teaching methods
  • Partners will co-lead lessons and take turns observing each other lead
  • Pairs will debrief after lessons to share insight and feedback
  • Both American and Nepali participants will lead cultural workshops and professional trainings to benefit the other party
  • All participants will convene regularly for an intercultural discussion group on various education-related topics
  • Nepali participants will share cultural insights with American participants through visits to Nepali cultural heritage sites
  • Participants will collaborate on curriculum planning, assessment methods, and new administrative initiatives
  • All participants will complete a capstone project to synthesize their learnings and identify ways to apply what they learned to their own classrooms
  • Participants will present their learnings to their own school building staffs
  • Participants will participate in ongoing follow-up to assess the program’s long-term impact

If interested, submit the following to by March 15th 2018 :

Cover letter expressing what you hope to gain from the program

Resume detailing your teaching experience

If you have additional questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Email Tim at, he would love to hear from you.

Travel Itinerary

Program includes $1,200 stipend toward international flight to Nepal, free room and partial board.

The 4-week program begins on June 29th, 2018.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold a current K-12 teaching position
  • Have a minimum 1-year professional teaching experience
  • Demonstrate an ability to plan/lead professional development trainings
  • Demonstrate an ability to plan, teach, and collaborate well with others
  • Demonstrate personal qualities of flexibility, adventurousness, and passion for cultural diversity
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