TIEs with Teachers is a successfully crowdfunded project to improve the capabilities of both American & foreign teachers through a two-way exchange of teaching ideas and cultural insight.

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Learn about the TIEs program in our latest video!

In 2019, TIEs ran a crowdfunding campaign on StartSomeGood.com to continue our intercultural co-teaching program in Nepal and expand into a second country: Thailand. Check out the video we made for the campaign to find out what TIEs is all about!

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Through the TIEs Program:

American teachers can learn new ideas about education from foreign educators and be better prepared for today’s diverse U.S. classrooms by developing their understanding of the link between culture and learning.

Global Exchange

Foreign teachers can learn about American teaching strategies through an exchange that respects their cultural norms, values their teaching expertise, and empowers them to share their educational insight.



TIEs takes a “Two-Way” approach to volunteer teaching abroad: American and foreign educators meet as equals to exchange expertise and learn new strategies to meet the complex needs of today’s classrooms.


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